Friday, October 22, 2010

Charcoal burning?

how long should charcoal burn before cooking on grill?(got bet with husband)

also, how to put charcoal on grill? do you stack like a pyramid, or spread out? or just pile it on? how many of them to use? is there a #?

when should you put meat on?

shouldnt you leave meat on like an hour like using the oven?

I have bets with husband on all these, have an argument over this.

thanks for tips.Charcoal burning?
charcoal should be patterened flatly and keep the meat on so that it is cooked...better flavor than in ovenCharcoal burning?
I use self-lighting charcoal, which doesn't need starter fluid. Coals should burn down until they are entirely white. For my charcoal this takes about ten minutes; I spread the coals out evenly across the grid, I don't bother with pyramids.

How long to leave meat on the grill is determined by the size and type of meat you are cooking. Generally around five minutes for a steak or burgers is good enough, and a couple of minutes on the flip side. Large, thick pieces of meat should be sealed on the outside on the grill, then taken inside and finished in an oven.
Generally speaking, you should start the coal in a pyramid to get the going. As soon as they all turn white, you can spread them out and start cooking. The number of charcoals to use will depend on the amount of meat you want to cook and how long that meat will take cook. Most meat will cook on the grill better if it is cooked with indirect heat...That is, not directly over the coals. You will need longer to cook this way than you would in the oven. It all depends on what type of meat you are talking about.

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